Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My vacuum story

We all have a story of the many vacuums we have used over the years. Here is mine.

My first vacuum experience as a child was a scary old hoover that wouldn't quit and that newer Hoover mom bought that worked like a charm for years. So, growing up I only knew 2 vacuums. Since I have been married I have owned a total of 5.

Vacuums since we were married in March, 2005:

#1 - The Roomba- The robotic vacuum. We had some fun with it until we bought our pooch 7 months later.  I can't speak for the newer models, but the one we had could not keep up with the dog hair. I have met someone who absolutely loves their Roomba, but they don't have pets. I might buy a newer model like this if we were pet-less again someday.

                                                           iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver

Until then I need to keep up with the dog hair this cutie sheds (Dachshund/Lab if you were wondering):

Vacuum #2 - Hand me down Hoover. This was a cheaply made Hoover wind tunnel. We acquired it from the summer camp we worked at the first summer of our marriage. This vacuum made us not like bagless vacuums at all.

This is where tell you about when we were introduced to the Rainbow by a friend who did presentations in the home. I drooled over it hoping that someday I would have one. This, my friends, is the vacuum of all vacuums. (If you can call it a vacuum. They don't like it when people call them vacuums.)  The water filtration cleans the air and keeps all those unhealthy dust particles out.The only downside is emptying the water and maneuvering all the attachments. If you can afford it, this really is the healthiest choice for a family.  Unfortunately, even a used one on craigslist is out of our price range.

Vacuum #3 - We bought a cheap bagless vacuum for $40.  I don't even remember the brand nor do I know why we bought another bagless. It was small and easy to use, but still smelly when it came to vacuuming dog hair.  We ended up giving it to a friend who was living with us when she moved into her apartment.

Vacuum #4 - The Rainbow knockoff - For my 26th birthday I received a Hydro-Pur Filtration Vacuum from my husband. I was elated and excited to have a water filtration system.  It worked well, but the thing that sort of ruined my party was the fact that the canister is poorly designed.  It was impossible to clean it out and became moldy because I could not reach certain crevices even with my hand.  The suction was also not good enough to pick up all the dog dander.  Just like the Roomba it might not be so bad for a home without pets, but it is not my first recommendation.  I used it for a year and a half and then decided to go for an old fashioned bagged vacuum.
Aroma Bagless Hydro-Pur Filtration Vacuum

Vacuum #5 - Bissell PowerGlide Platinum Upright vacuum, Bagged -  This spring I did some vacuum shopping because I was tired of A.) dog hair everywhere B.) The difficulty of getting the vacuum in and out of the closet and up can down the stairs. C.) The bad smell from burning dog hair.  I really enjoy this one and I hope it will live a few years at least.  I think the price is good for what you get, but they just don't make them like the old hoovers I had growing up.

What is your vacuum story?

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