Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bento Giveaway

I just recently started using the fun practices of "muffin tin moms"  or "bentos".  These terms are new to my vocabulary and  for a while I was really questioning "what is the big deal about bentos and muffin tin meals?  Well I have tried a few times to put together some creative meals for my son. Not only did I have fun doing it, but he almost always eats all the food!  It's a miracle!  And it is almost always a well rounded meal.

Today I discovered a bento give away at apocketfullofbuttons.blogspot.com   (linked to the giveaway)

I was reluctant to share this giveaway because I don't want to hurt my chances to win, but I wouldn't get an extra entry If I didn't!  hehe  So, don't enter the giveway. LOL  I need bento resources!!!

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