Friday, September 10, 2010

Building our Hydroponic Garden

This is entirely my husband's work.  He has done an awesome job building our basement hydroponic garden. We hope to grow many wonderful foods here.

The upfront cost is large, but actually we are doing a much more cost effective system compared to the ones being sold on the market.  We plan to use this system for many years to help reduce grocery costs. We will not have a large number of plants at any given time, but we will hopefully be able to preserve some and still have a bit of an outdoor garden in the summer months.

Jake placed a pond liner inside and is using the barrel to pump water in and out at the proper time. He has it set to a timer to keep the water moving.  This helps the nutrients go to the plants and helps keep the water from standing still for too long. We literally do nothing except water tests and put liquid nutrients into the water.  He found the barrel on craigslist for under $20. It previously stored Italian vinegar so we knew it was extra clean! The lights are also on a timer.

The above picture is of plastic gardening pots filled with hydrotin. Hydrotin is basically just small, very light, clay balls that hold the plants root system while the pots allow the nutrient rich water in.  We have a few seedlings popping out already. Sorry for the poor photography! I have lots to learn in that department.

Honestly, I'm not sure what the seedlings are. I know he planted some lettuce and think those straight grass-like shoots are chives. There may be some brussel sprouts in there as well.  I am looking forward to sharing our successes and immanent failures along the way on this hydroponic adventure.

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  1. I'm excited to see how this works. So is the food still considered "organic"?