Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Glass Transition begins ---update

It is about that time for us to start thinking new dishes/glasses/mugs for a few reasons:

1) Our glassware are all mismatched. There really is no rhyme or reason to them.
2) Our drinking glasses show much age, plus we are missing a couple from breaks.
3) It would be nice to have glass kitchenware that is made in the USA and is lead free.  
4) I am able to use points to make my first purchase. :)

With that said I discovered the Anchor Hocking company. Their products are made in the USA in Lancaster, OH. After spending a little bit of time at the website I am finding myself dreaming of a complete set for my kitchen of all things clear glass.  Looks like we will need to do this transition one step at a time!

Perhaps I can make some money on craigslist with our used glassware.

My first purchase will be the 16 oz. cafe mugs.

We received the Anchor Hocking mugs I ordered online for almost $29.  I used my $25 e-gift card from My Survey, I paid $3.99 out of my pocket.

My 2 year old and I went to Meijer last night to buypull-ups.  I decided to browse the dinnerware section.  My first encounter was with Anchor Hocking glassware. 
The 16 piece central park set goes at Amazon: 25.65  and at  Meijer: 11.99

Double check me, if you'd like, on the links above. I would love to be proven wrong. If my vibes of shock could be felt the whole store would have felt them.

On to the next isle (you can imagine the rush of anticipation I was feeling) my mugs were sold for $2.49 each at the regular price!  The ones I bought were about $4.80 each!  WHAT?!  Do you mean I could have gotten 12 mugs instead of 6 for the same price?

Looking around more I found the Anchor Hocking 6" bowls for $1 each!  On Amazon a set of 12 go for $34.99!  I could get like 30 bowls for Amazon's price! 

I'm just glad I found this before buying my other kitchen glassware. I was tempted to snatch them thinking Meijer had some sort of price error, but my hubby and I buy practically nothing without the other person knowing with the exception of gifts so I decided to wait.

Check your local store before buying anything online. The only way they can afford to give you free shipping is having some sort of markup. It makes me glad I used a survey gift card, but at the same time, it was still hard earned money.  I don't favor Amazon or online shopping as much as I used to. 

I should not be too tough on Amazon since CSN price the glasses for even more. You can bet I will be shopping around a lot more from now on.

Another related story: Hubby ordered me the butter dish on Amazon for Valentines Day. When I told him my discovery at Meijer he quickly rushed to cancel his order.  He broke the news to me today about what happened. So, I guess we get to go Valentines Day shopping tonight. :)

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