Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Tapped" Bottled Water Documentary

I was able to sneak over to my neighbor's house after the kids went to sleep to watch the documentary "Tapped".  Eye opening information is given in this documentary that you will not want to miss. I never want to drink bottled water again. I would recommend this movie to everyone.


There was not a lot of new information for me, but what I did learn was life changing. They drove their intended point home very well.  The movie addresses the issue of what big beverage companies are doing with water and the bottles they put it in.  The movie is centered around a couple different communities who are affected by these large corporations. 

One community in Maine gives their account of how Nestle came to their town and started pumping water to sell as bottled water. Another big part of the movie shares the story of people whose health has been adversely affected by living next to a manufacturer that produces PET plastic bottles. The story then shares shocking results from independent studies on what is contained in the bottled water. The documentary also shares the extent of the problem of plastic being dumped in our oceans. You will be amazed at the lack of regulation the government is putting on these companies, but we also learn that a change starts with us refusing to buy bottled water. 

They make a great case for local water facilities and tap water, but I challenge you to look at just what is in the water you are drinking and consider all filtering options intelligently.

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  1. I just saw this post! Definitely an eye opening film. I told Ross that I might freak out if he ever tries to drink bottled water again, yuck!!