Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Starting Coleus Indoors

There is not a whole lot of gardening experience in our household, but I intend to change that quite a bit in the future.  I think it is really important to teach my son the basics of gardening and farming. Perhaps some of the most important practical life lessons are learned in the garden.

Since we are trying to sell our house we've decided not to do many veggies, if any.  We do have our basement hydroponic system that my husband set up.  I will be updating on that soon! 

Today we started some coleus seeds.  I had some pots that we found at a thrift store for $.75 each a couple years ago and they have come in very handy. 

The first thing we did was put some rocks and gravel in the bottom for 2 reasons. 1) So the dirt won't fall out of the bottom hole and 2) To fill some space so I don't need to use as much dirt.

Then we mixed some dirt from under our tree house with some potting soil.
I had a great helper while putting dirt in the pots.

Then we took the pots inside found our seeds and watering can. Ready to plant!

The seed packet said "barely cover" so we patted down a spot in the middle, put the seeds down, and sprinkled some dirt over top.

After watering we sang a song to our seeds and told them that we will take care of them. I'm looking forward to planting some coleus in June!

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