Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who are we thankful to?

It's easy to say "thanks" and be happy about all the many things we have, but I think it is important, on Thanksgiving to direct our gratitude to the giver of all good things, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I was recently watching the Biggest Loser and they were sitting around having their thanksgiving meal.  One particular person I noticed was only directing his thanks toward other people.  I don't discredit this and I think this should be done as well, but it challenged me to consider WHO I am thanking on this holiday, and it brought me to great awe.

As a Christian, it is important for others to see my gratitude for my Savior, who is most worthy of thanks because of His sacrifice to save me from the depths of hell.

At the Thanksgiving church service I attended last night there was a sharing time to say what you are thankful for.  My 3 1/2 year old could not stay in his seat. He wanted to tell everyone that he was thankful for Jesus.  As a parent, that brings much joy, but he is 3 and you never know how much he really understands. I was the skeptic and thought "Sunday school answer", but honestly Jesus really is the only one worthy of thanks. My heart is hopeful that he understands one day the deep implications of the simple truths he knows now.

"We are broken, You are the healer, Jesus Redeemer, Mighty to save."

May we all see the redemption Christ brings as the ultimate reason for this season.  We have little to be thankful for if we don't see the reality of our desperate need for Him and the abundance he freely gives when we believe.

Thank You, Jesus.  I am thankful for and to You.  The abundance you give is greater than these unworthy eyes can see.

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