Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blessed - Day 10 - Righteousness

A friend posted this blog post on their facebook a couple days ago:

This quote is from the post...

"Righteousness comes by faith period. Righteousness has no human additions to it, then it would not be holy and righteous. No one can add to God’s righteousness. “All our works are as filthy rags.” All the time. Righteousness comes by faith."
-Don Solin

More thoughts on the article...

Peace comes in knowing who I am as God's creation.. not what others think of me from their external judgments. No one can judge my heart rightly except my creator.  I can't even judge myself from my incomplete knowledge. Incomplete knowledge= false judgement. Anyone who says they have a right to judge you can only judge you falsely.  Look to God to find your worth. 

God is my judge and because of Jesus He will see me as innocent. Though the guilt belonged to me, by grace I will be saved now and then on judgment day. 
I'm thankful that God has chosen to use my little life for the good of His kingdom.  Somehow He's working it out.  Lord, make me obedient and guide my steps in Your will.  I can't force it, but you can!  My hope is in You.

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