Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding that daily cleaning routine

For the beginner housewife/mom it can be really hard to keep up on housework. There have been MANY days that I just completely give up on it all and sit down at my computer. Those who know me know that I am way too black and white about these things. If I can't do it right I don't want to do it at all. So my husband sees me going through these spurts of being either on or off. Lord bless his soul for putting up with me.

One day I was lacking motivation. (A regular occurrence around here.) I decided to type into google "motivated mom" to seek out some inspiration. To my enjoyment I found They have a selection of daily planners to help you stay on track. You can't go wrong for only $4 for a whole year of daily planning lists.

I bought the half page daily planner with a suggested bible reading, box to plan meals, and appointment time list. It really has helped me stay focused on my housework. Now all I need to do is put it in a pretty binder so I don't have papers flying all over the place. I still have my unmotivated days, but when I do my list in the morning it only takes me one hour or so to get everything done!

Of my 5 years of marriage I have found the trick to happy homemaking has a lot to do with doing a little bit every day and having a "neatness" mind frame throughout the day. (which is really hard for my personality.) So if I take my shoes off, I should immediately bring them to our bedroom closet. If I don't, before I know it there are 4 pairs of shoes hanging out by the door. has really helped me become more of the woman I desire to be and my house is starting to look pretty good too!


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