Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivated Monday: My first clothesline

There have been times while taking a drive out in the country that I would see these clotheslines with various items of clothing drying. It is sometimes funny to see undergarments draped across the sky for everyone to see. It has always been quite foreign to me and I never understood why someone would take the time to do this. I must say, though, there is something heartwarming about seeing little boys pjs or a little girl's dress hanging out on a line. I don't know what it is the creates this sentiment in me.

Well it wasn't 2 weeks ago that I decided to have a clothesline of my own. My inspiration came from the clothespin apron in my "One Yard Wonders" book. In telling my hubby about it I promised I would not put our underwear on the line.

First things first: I made the clothespin apron and I love it. It just ties right around the waist.

The other day I ran out to Home Depot with my little boy and found a 20' retractable clothesline for $11 and I bought 2 packages of clothespins for about $2.50 each. my total came to $17.

Today was the day. There is not a better time to do this than a Monday morning before lunch. I am extremely motivated Monday mornings. I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with my spiritual refreshment on Sunday's. Rather than bother my husband I thought I would have my hand at that Black and Decker foreign object that I have always been a bit leery of. I only needed to drill in 2 screws, but it took me about 20 minutes to get them to go into the wood. Any passerby would have been concerned for my safety I think. I am just glad he has a corded drill because I am sure the batteries would have died if it wasn't.

Here is my finished product with some cloth diapers, pajamas, and some 2T shirts. I wonder how long it will take to dry. I have some towels I need to dry as well today. This will be a new learning curve. I think I will probably only be able to do one load a day.


  1. There is something nostalgic about a clothes line. One of my favorite pictures from my trip to Italy was of all the colorful clothes hanging between buildings in Venice. Like large butterflies fluttering in the wind. :)

  2. Nostalgic, as in "remembering the past". I have a family of 6 and do 3-4 loads a day. The clothesline thing just isn't for me. I thank God often for my clothes dryer. :)

    What's a SAHM??

  3. SAHM is blog/computer language for "Stay At Home Mom" so you are a SAHM too!