Friday, October 8, 2010

Remembering Grandma on her Birthday

Today I remember my Grandmother on her birthday.  I only have sweet memories of her.  Like the colored marshmallows we would always part with for the drive home.  The smarty candy people we found on Christmas tree one year.  The homemade egg noodles in beef soup. Sourdough biscuits. I remember how her an grandpa would take naps on two different couches, one in the family room and one in the living room.

I remember when Grandpa and Grandma got their first microwave and how excited grandma was with how fast it cooked the food.

I remember when grandma had her knee replacement surgery and had to go around her house in a wheel chair. Someone had bought one of those grabby things to use to reach things high up, but I still saw her getting out of her chair to reach stuff out of the cupboard.  I remember her pretending to ram in to people with her wheelchair and being goofy.

A very special memory I have is of the few times I stayed overnight at grandpa and grandma's when I was little.  In the morning her and grandpa would be at the table with their coffee reading their Bible.  These are the memories I cherish most.  Grandpa praying almost the same prayer at every meal. I wish I had memorized it.

I remember after grandpa had past and she was living with us, she no longer was able to go to church with us, but she would call ladies in the church that she knew to fellowship with them and see how she could pray for them.  That telephone was the tool of her social and spiritual health.  She knew what she had to do to serve others with the resources she had been given.

We do our children great good by giving them not just a legacy to remember of traditions and gifts, but eternal hope in someday being with Jesus. Preach the gospel to your children, read the Word of God to them, pray with them! Above all, let us pray for them, for God is their hope. May Jesus be the anchor of their souls.

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