Friday, December 24, 2010

The Empty Chair.

I'm not very great at decorating and executing beautiful design ideas, but I have started to try some small things and to really try to stretch my brain to be more creative this Christmas.  Not without the help of my creative hubby who does know how to execute what he wants, but his wife doesn't always like or understand his ideas!

Anyway, the picture below is my living room clean and ready to be filled with my family coming today.  I am so excited!

 We don't have a lot of seating or room, but we make it work.  Something that gives me great joy this Christmas is that these chairs will be filled with many of my loved ones.  There is also always some pain this time of year: the empty chair(s).  Many families have an empty chair this Christmas whether it is from a death of a loved one or family division or just away from home. I understand how hard these things are.  For a while I thought there would be empty chairs on the other side of our family as well, but Praise God this is not so!

Rather than mumble and complain about those empty chairs this Christmas, lets be thankful that we have people to fill the rest of the chairs because remember those out there who have absolutely no one this Christmas.  If you know someone today who doesn't have anyone this Christmas offer them a chair in your home.

God bless you all this Christmas!  May you truly understand what this baby Jesus is all about.

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