Monday, January 10, 2011

28th Birthday

January 3rd was my 28th birthday.  It wouldn't be a birthday without a silly cake picture! My little cutie was extra cute all day and if there were any tantrums I don't remember them. :)

My wonderful husband (pictured below) took me to Red Lobster (crab legs!!). My mom came along and made my hubby order something nice because he was just going to get soup, the silly money saver!  Then we came back to my very gracious in-laws for cake and presents.  It was a very special day. God has blessed me so abundantly!

The gifts I received on my birthday are no comparison to true blessing of the salvation I have in Christ Jesus and the fellowship I have with his people. That really is all the blessing need to live an abundant life.  The gifts I received were a piano bench for my keyboard from my in-laws, a CD case for the car, $10 from my mommy, and a Wendy's gift card from one of my sisters.  I also received many "Happy Birthdays" on Facebook.

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