Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Be a fountain, not a well" Jan-Feb 2011

January and February can be difficult months when you live in the frigid north. I remember last year having very little sunlight in these two months.  It helps to actually consider these difficult months and plan ahead how to keep from being frumpy and slumpy and letting the glooms win you over.  Being inside as much I as I am it helps to do some switcheroos and change some things up to freshen up the house.  Not only that but it is good to have some things to look forward to and set fun goals so the that the months go by quickly and before you know it your spring projects await you.

Below are some things I have done and plan to do this season to keep myself on the up and up this wintry season.

What I have done so far:
-Room switcheroo with my "office" and son's room.  This was a big organizational step for me because the rooms work SO much better this way. I am loving the new setup.
-Vitamins!  I don't always remember my vitamins, but we try to make it a regular thing at lunch everyday to take our vitamins.  
-Play with my son
-Keep the house clean (It is a such a mood lifter to have the house nice and clean in the evening)
-Good times with friends (Sledding, card games, meals together)
-Daily Bible Study - This is by far the most important thing for me to keep perspective in each day. It is really easy to think.. "this is just another day to live and I can just go on yesterdays insights", but God has given us great purpose in each day and I need to seek out how I might bless others and give a testimony for my Savior Jesus Christ in each day. 

Some plans for the rest of January and February

-Work out - I need to get my heart rate up for the sake of cardiac health. Working out everyday is a difficult goal for me, but I should at least 2-3 times a week.
- Consistent healthy meals  I say consistent because I tend to go through spurts of healthy eating and then I revert back to butter, sour cream, and greasy foods. Watching calories is a great to way to inspire myself to eat healthier
-Continue structured play with my son.  Since I have done more planning in the last week or so with what toys my son plays with (daily themes for toys, movies, and games) I see him more happy and accepting of our daily routines.  This will make for a happier mommy if I keep it up!
- Complete my planned crafts. One of these crafts is to make gorgeous wall art for practically nothing. I have been inspired by a  few craft blogs on how I might be able to dress up my drab walls with the recycled materials.  I also have some fun flannel material that I found for $3 a yard to make pillowcases for my body pillow. 
- Go on a thrift store shopping spree with $20 and find a bunch of awesome clothing.  I love finding really nice name brand clothing gently used for $2-$5 a pop.  It is quite gratifying and fun to get new clothes this time of year.
- Limit computer game time to after housework is complete. Not only will it not take up my time and be the resource for procrastinating, but it will motivate me to work faster and complete my other daily goals.

What is your favorite thing to do to beat the winter blues?


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