Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catch up post

Has it seriously been since August that I posted?  What a shame!

We are settled into our new home and enjoying it quite a bit.  I'm still trying to find places for things. Going from a larger home to smaller is a challenge, but one we joyfully welcome. It feels great to get rid of things!

We closed on our short sale on Wednesday this week!  Yay! We no longer have to think about the old home with the exception of all the special memories we had there. :)

I am now 27 week pregnant, 28 tomorrow, and the same exact back pain I had with B is back for this one too.  If I don't stand or sit in one place for a while I do fine, but if I'm super active or do too many dishes at once I can feel my back tensing up.  It probably has a lot to do with the stress of my day as well. I always try to get in a cup of raspberry tea with honey and my vitamins in the morning with a good protein for breakfast.

My little B is growing like a weed and it is a challenge for me to keep him busy.. the evil temptation of computer games and tv wins mommy over too often, but we are striving to take less and less time a day to get off the terrible addiction. We are learning a letter a week. This week was E and next week will be F.  That sounds like it would be a good post in itself showing our specially activities we do every week.

We are so excited for baby #2 to come.  We are tirelessly looking for a boy name!  We are picky on meaning and we both have specific desires on it being unique, but not weird.  Both of our definitions of "weird" seem to be different though. HAHA.

Financially we are so blessed.  We are not out of debt, but if Jake keeps his job for the next year we are very confident that we will easily be out of debt completely in a year. We are so looking forward to that, but we know new life challenges will come along as usual. :-)

It is hard not to start drooling over land yet.  We do desire to have a place out in nature, but we need to enjoy the transition time we are in.  Right now we are transition to go from 1 to 2 children, which, from what I have heard, is a big step!  Mama will need to learn even more selflessness!  Children are so good for our adult character development.

This is probably a good place to close for now.  I will try to make my posts more frequent and short and include pictures!


  1. Katy,
    I had bad back pain with all three girls. After the last one was born it didn't go away. After about a week of extreme pain I called the chiropractor. After my first adjustment I felt so much better. I could stand up! I went 3 times a week for a couple weeks and now I go once every three weeks.
    If we decide to have another baby I will definetly go to the chiropractor during my pregnancy. The doctor I go to is certified in doing chiropractic care during pregnancy. Her name is Dr. House and she is at Ottawa Chiropractic Center on James Street. You should give it a try during your pregnancy so you do not have to have so much pain.


  2. So glad chiropractic care is working for you! I was going to the chiropractor during my first pregnancy and received no release from the pain. It seems very nerve and stress related. When my muscles tense up from stress it stays until relax it in bed at night. I'd like to go back to a chiropractor or a kinesiologist, but at this point it's not in our budget. I will keep your's in mind, though! :)