Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blessed - Day 1 - My Son

I need to get my blogging bum in gear so I decided to challenge myself to 30 days of blessings in pictures. After having a baby it's normal to have a downer time, especially if you have complications like thrush on baby, 5 hours spans of sleep on a good night, sore throat and pink eye in both eyes!  Needless to say I need a little refocus challenge to remember the many blessings in life and to switch back to grateful gear before all this gets the best of me.

Today:  My Son - God's work of discipline and refinement in my life. Creative, Imaginative, Dominant personality, Super Hero wannabe, Loves to dance (spiderman moves of course), and thankfully a helper with laundry (lately). He is all boy and if I do him right maybe he'll take good care of me someday. B, you had me at "Waaaaa!". Now go clean up your room.

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