Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blessed - Day 3 - My Mom

My Mom

A woman of refinement.  God has allowed many trials in my mothers life and it has produced in her many good things.  I sort of wish I knew my mom when she was younger to see the change first hand. Changes like how she learned to lean on God in Faith through everything and to Praise Him all the time, in every situation.  

I've heard stories of how afraid she was to drive on highways and other fears that ruled her life. Those fears no longer rule her. She has had 5 children and after I have had just 2, I respect her greatly for the calm spirit that she possessed in my growing up years. The love and nurture she gave me offered so much for me, an acceptance that I could always go back to.  She always excepts me, even when I knew my character was ugly and unacceptable, she still loved me.  Her kindness brought me to conviction of my sin in special ways.  I've learned a lot about love and sacrifice from her. Just because someone is living unacceptably doesn't mean you can't love them.  You can love a person without accepting their actions.  She is a great example of this.

My mom is my very best friend.  No one could ever take her place and I could not imagine life without her. We have been through so much together and I wouldn't pick another person to go through it with.  I could go on all day of the ways she has supported me and helped me, but it would take all day.

These pictures are 2 of the 3 I could find. I need more pictures of my mom!


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