Friday, March 2, 2012

Easy and Fast Black Bean Shepard's Pie

This is a version of "Goup" that my mom used to make for us growing up.  Instead of black beans she used ground beef.  We try to eat less meat for a number of reasons, but when we don't eat meat we try to get a good mixture of beans, rice, and corn as well as nuts and some dairy. (Check out here the protein recommendations at the CDC's website.) They give a good explanation about complete and incomplete proteins.  Something that is important to know if you try to eat less meat in a week!

Sure this isn't the optimum healthful meal that you would make all the time, but it's a good 911 dinner option. It is quick and you can add any veggies to your liking. 

Easy and Fast Black Bean Shepard's Pie

1 can of black beans
2 cans of whole corn (drained) or one bag of frozen corn
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
Boxed Mashed potatoes
salt and pepper and choice of herbs

1) Place beans, corn, and can of soup into large cast iron skillet on medium heat. Mix in salt, pepper, and herbs.
2) Preheat oven to 350 degrees
3) Make about 8 servings of Boxes mashed potatoes
4) Here's my trick for spreading the potatoes on the bean and corn mixture.  Plop about a little less than half on the top and spread carefully. Some of the beans and corn will come through. Now plop the rest of the potatoes on top and spread to the edge evenly.
5) Place in oven with cookie sheet underneath to catch any drippings. Cook until nice and hot. You can turn on the broiler at the end if you like the potatoes to brown a bit.  You can also put a few little dabs of butter on top too.

Serve with a green veggie and/or a salad and some rolls.  Yummy yum!

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