Monday, March 5, 2012

Blessed - Day 5 - My Husband

Today marks 7 years for us and I am elated to celebrate it with my husband.  Unfortunately we are quarantined to the house because there is pink eye in the house, yuck!

My husband is my best friend and we share a lot of wonderful times.  We haven't been without our struggles, but God has blessed us immensely through it all.

I wish I could buy him something wonderful, but financially we are so tight right now. My mother bought us a really beautiful coat rack for our anniversary!  It was so special and was a sacrificial gift. We desperately needed somewhere to put our coats besides laying on our shoe shelf.

Back to Jake - my hubby of 7 years.

His character is precious to me and needed.  God knew I needed an upstanding guy to keep me accountable.  He understands his responsibility before God.  He knows he will one day be accountable for me as well.  He shows love for me in not being soft when I'm whiny. He never caudals my self pity moments or condones my angry outlets.  Many people know me, but few understand my personal emotional struggles that I deal with daily.  Jake is so gracious and kind and patient with me.

He is a great friend, not just to me.  I like watching his interactions with his guy friends and the way they laugh and enjoy life in a God honoring way.  I am grateful that my husband has good friends to be examples of Christ to him and to challenge him as a husband and father.

Jake is smart and logical.  Ever since we have been married he has done a good job pointing out some illogical thought processes that I have.  It actually amazes me how fast he can some up with a solution to a problem.  He has so many great, creative ideas.

He is determined. He does not give up quickly, let me tell you.  He does not get discouraged quickly. He hopes the best in his accomplishments and does whatever he can to complete what he starts.  This is a good quality to have in a father and I'm glad he is fathering our children with this same determination.

Jake plays with our son.  To some people this would not be a big deal, but I see it as huge.  So many dads don't realize how they are affecting their sons by not play with them and meeting them at their level to have a good relationship with them at whatever age they are.  I am confident that our son will always respect and love his father as he grows up.

 I could go on about how fun he is, how compassionate and caring. He is special to me and I am grateful for every moment God gives us together. I love you, Jake!

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