Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blessed - Day 6 - My In-laws

I am so grateful for my in-laws.  They are truly a blessing.  I view them not just as in-laws, but as good friends in Christ.  They have sacrificed so much to raise my husband in the Lord.

When Berrit was born
One big way in which my in laws saw fit to raise my husband in the Lord was homeschooling. In teaching him important virtues they help mold Jake into who he is today. When a family chooses to home school its not because it's "easier" because it's not.  In fact, my mother in law went through a lot to ensure that she was not arrested for keeping her boys out of school.  This was back in the day when home schooling was frowned upon.  I am thankful for parents like her who fought for the freedom to teach our own children.

My mother in law is a wonderful seamstress.  She attends to every detail in her work and she enjoys every bit of it.  She has made a few wedding dresses, altered numerous pant hems, patched holes, put buttons back on, and much more.  She has inspired and taught me to sew after I was sure I would never do it.  She also loves to write and it is not uncommon to see her getting out the baking supplies after doing the evening dishes!!

My father in law is a supportive dad to my husband and loves to help out fixing cars and helping out with all sorts of odd jobs.  He is a caring, loving father and I feel so privileged to have him as a father in law.  He enjoys cars, old westerns and other old movies.

My in-laws have us over ever Sunday for after church dinner (whenever we are all well!) We always enjoy time with them as well as the wonderful roasts and other yummy things they like to make for us!

I am so blessed to have such a special set of in laws who love God and desire righteousness in their own lives and the lives of their children.

I can't forget to mention my dear sister in law who is always so sweet to me and is such a blessing.  She loves photography, computer games, and is a fantastic artist and pianist!! Love you, Jen! She is also great with kids and is always the person missed (with tears) when we leave grandpa and grandma's!

Jenny with Ayla

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