Monday, July 25, 2011

About my Bun

Exact Weeks/Days Pregnant:   14 weeks, 1 day
When did you find out?   
5 or 6 weeks?

What size is the baby right now? The size of an orange
Weight gain/loss: about 10, our scale is broken so I didn't have a beginning weight, but I started around 125-130ish and I'm probably around 135-140ish. We need a scale!
Maternity clothes? Yes, please.  I rocked two thrift store $1 clothing sales and scored a total of 13 items for $13!! That includes a nice black maternity dress, jeans, stretch grandma shorts for summer, and some shirts, even a couple nice blouses!!
Stretch marks? only leftovers from the first pregnancy, but I'm sure to have a bigger belly this time so I will be oiling and lotioning a lot to avoid what I can.
Sleep? It is rare that I go the bathroom less than 3 times a night. It is often 4 or 5 times!  One night it was every hour from 11 p.m. to about 5 a.m. No wonder pregnancy brings fatigue! 
Best moment this week? My in-laws made grilled ham and cheese for supper last night and I thoroughly enjoyed much of the bag of bbq potato chips. Did you know Lays BBQ chips don't have soy or HFCS or any bad nasty additives?  LOVE IT.
Food cravings: terrible food like french fries or anything salty. Earlier on Fruit was the thing, but now anything that sounds good is a winner and must be obeyed because who knows the nutrient in it that is needed. I've heard that cravings for specific things are due to a certain nutrient in it that you need. I'll go with that. :)  I must need a lot of potatoes' nutrients. 
Gender: We are being surprised so who knows! My friend and I are preggers together, she's due in March and we want to try all the wives tales on both of us to see which ones might actually work. 
Belly button in or out? Please stay in!!! That grosses me out totally. I know it's normal, but it just seams so strange and foreign to me.
Movement? At this point it is really hard to tell if its gas or baby rolling. I'm pretty sure I've felt a couple churnings and movements. Sometimes I pray it is gas because I need a good one.. TMI? LOL
What I miss? Nothing. I'm so happy and grateful to be pregnant. The mood swings could go away though. My family is so patient!
What I'm looking forward to: Having names picked out, but not the process. Also, having the baby at home with our midwife. :)  Oh and of course this afternoon's appointment where we will hopefully hear the heartbeat!!!
Milestones: I consider the process of waiting for this pregnancy a milestone, something I will always remember. Faith trials are so purposeful and it is awesome to look back and see God's timing is ALWAYS perfect even in all the research, confusion, and decisions we made.


  1. Can I steal this for my blog eventually? :) With my own answers, lol.