Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Pregnant!!!

We are 12 weeks pregnant as of Sunday (tomorrow)!  It has been an interesting year of hoping and trying.  I have learned how thankful I am for new knowledge of human health and people who promote natural remedies.  It was about 7 months after trying that I really started to think "am I as healthy as I think I am?"  and started to read about cycles and fertility. Boy have I learned A LOT and have also discovered what mysteries still are out there in the medical/health arena.  Even the experts don't know everything about the amazing work of the creation of human life!

Anyway, I do not want to drag this post on, but the two books that impacted me most were "Taking Charge of your Fertility"  by Toni Weschler and "Fertility, Cycles, & Nutrition" by Marilyn Shannon

Some bullet points that I remember from these books:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health

Taking Charge of Your fertility:
-Many women are unaware of just how their cycles work (I was one of them!)
-The importance of charting and seeing your own body's patterns during your cycle
-The amount of things you learn about yourself from charting!
-How to take my BBT (Basal Body Temperature) and check cervical mucus (not my thing.. I did not do this consistently and eventually gave up.)
-Although this isn't a Christian based book I learned more detail as to how God created our bodies as a reproductive system and was fascinated by how intricately and specifically we are designed! If one thing is off it throws the whole system out of whack!

Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition

Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition: (My Favorite!!)
-Food plays a big role in our bodies function, especially as women.  We really need to watch how much synthetic stuff we are putting into our bodies.
-This book also taught me about charting and taking my BBT in a very simplified and understandable way. It was not wordy or full of medical information and was also written in such a way that inspires the reader to do what is best for their body.
-Through this book and charting I realized I was progesterone deficient. It was so obvious. I had every symptom in the book. Literally. I did not go on the cream without first checking with my midwife. She said most women are progesterone deficient.
-I learned that spermiglutination (clumping of the sperm) is solved by vitamin C... needless to say my hubby started eating an orange a day, just to be safe. (Is that TMI? Sorry) Who knows, maybe his swimmers were clumping and that's why we weren't getting results. hehe Let's not ALWAYS blame the women. :)
-This book inspired me to make the changes I needed.  Less sugar, no caffeine, and lots of healthy food. I did all these things about a month prior to starting my natural progesterone cream.  The month after I started the cream I was pregnant! Who knows what did the trick, but ultimately I praise God for the little life inside of me! We are so excited.

I wish I had read these books years ago! I would recommend both to anyone who is having a hard time getting pregnant or plans to have more children soon.

Soon, hopefully tomorrow, I will start taking belly pictures. I kick myself for not getting one early on, but we'll start this week!

I have to give a big thanks to my friend Christy over at onelittlewordsheknew for lending me both of these books.  You are a gem, Christy!! <3

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  1. Aw, I just read this. :) SO happy for you! :)