Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Life Update

1) I am now 18 weeks pregnant!  :)  I am hungry a lot and trying to pace my energy.  I hope to be making homemade contour diapers like these to prepare for baby.

2) We are selling our house by short sale. It is coming along slowly but surely. The bank is being sure to drag its feet, but we have a great negotiator who knows what to do to make the process move as quickly as possible.

3) We bought a mobile home for $4000 and it wasn't a major junker either. It was dirtier and grimier as I'll get out, but as far as condition, very nice. It has a pantry and a walk-in master closet and also a sunroom. Three things I don't have in our current 1200+ sq foot house.  It is in a nice park right near both our parents. They do not allow felons or sex offenders as residents in the park so we know it will be a safe place for our children. We are fixing it up and should be moving in soon. We need to paint the kitchen and put floors down in the living room, hallway, and Jake's office.  We also need a master bathroom vanity.  I'm looking forward to having time to settle in before the baby comes in January.

4) I will be trying to keep a Montessori approach to homeschooling this year for my 3 year old, but also adding materials and books that interest him while encouraging shapes, colors, numbers and letters.  Right now he has spurts of "I need to learn my letters!", but when I start to teach him he gets extremely playful and imaginative and loses site of the actual letter. (probably because he is an overly entertained child.) I will need to focus on one letter a week and find different applications and activities for that letter. He is also big into learning about his skeleton. My friend and I are also planning some field trips for a small group of mommies and preschoolers. I'm very excited to get B out on a regular basis for social interaction and learning!!

5) I hope to do 2 bible studies this fall!  One is an inductive study on Revelation and the other is a book study on Nancy Leigh DeMoss' book "Choosing Gratitude" which my sister is leading at her house.  I just need to find someone to watch B while I'm at my sister's Friday Mornings. My main desire in bible study this year is that God would give me a heart change that will change my thoughts and behaviors, not just my head knowledge. And not just a temporary change, but a real change that will last more than a week or two! It is easy to learn something new. The real challenge is living by that new knowledge. It takes work. Knowledge does not produce immediate and automatic life change. We have to act upon what God compels and convicts in our hearts.

What does your fall look like? What are you planning? What goals are you setting for yourself?

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